Mrs. Angela has been teaching our children for 7 years. She has a very good understanding of studentís personalities, strengths and weaknesses and is able to find the right approach to every student. She loves the piano and classical music and teaches very passionately and intuitively which is so motivating for the kids! She always finds ways to encourage as well as challenge them. Mrs. Angela treats every student with love and respect, carefully building each studentís self-confidence as a performer and developing lifelong affection and appreciation for music. She does so by organizing three recitals, including a special theme recital, every year and field trips to performances at Davis Symphony Hall and SF Opera. Our daughters love their teacher. They now play really advanced pieces and the whole family enjoys listening to them practicing and attending their various performances at different events. We feel incredibly fortunate that our daughters have studied the gift of music with such a motivating and remarkable teacher.

Elka and Todor, parents of Elena & Laura

We have two children (15 & 6) who are students of Mrs. Angela. She is an absolutely wonderful teacher for young beginners as well as older, more advanced, students ... nurturing, and helping develop each student to the best of his or her ability. She is also very committed to her students and pays personal attention to every detail, be it for a recital, a competition, a field trip, or an exam. We are very fortunate to have her as a teacher.

Priya & Rajeev, parents of Meera & Vijay

We have known Mrs. Angela for over 7 years, during which time she has been a wonderful teacher. She has high expectations for her students and works passionately to inspire and help them achieve their full potential. As a part of the yearly curriculum, Mrs. Angela provides theory lessons, prepares students for recitals and competitions, and organizes picnics and field trips, which makes learning piano an educational, enlightening, and fun experience.

Snezana and Miodrag, parents of Aleksandra

Itís been 3 years since I first started learning from Mrs. Zakiyan. I have reached a place that has clearly exceeded my original expectations and it seems like a miracle, a fantasy that has come true. Mrs. Zakiyan is much more than a typical piano teacher. Yes, I have learned how to play some notes and rhythms, but I have also learned about determination, accomplishment, and stories that lie behind each composition. I cannot express how thankful and fortunate I am to study with Mrs. Zakiyan and want to thank her for making my three years at RSP such a gratifying experience.