The well-known Russian pianist and teacher Heinrich Neuhaus believed that the goal of a music teacher is "not merely to teach the student how to play well", but also "to make the student more intelligent, more responsive, more diligent, and more conscious."

At the RSP we do our best to follow Neuhaus�s advice by offering a unique curriculum that enables students to combine classical piano learning process based on famous Russian and European traditions of teaching piano with a set of extra-curricular activities that include (1) Theme Concerts: an idea that originated at the RSP to promote and learn about different styles in music organized in the form of Oscar parties with solo performances of students; (2) Field Trips to the Symphony and Opera: also a unique activity of the RSP that enriches knowledge of music, and builds the taste for quality musical pieces amongst students; (3) Annual Team-Building events that raise student morale and allow students and parents to interact and network.

Angela Zakiyan, Founder:

"At the Russian School of Piano we focus on delivery of high results at a superior professional level with individual approach to each student. Contributing to students� successes and professional growth is a rewarding experience that RSP is aimed for and I am delighted to be part of it by helping students reach their full potential, excel their skills and talents expanding them outside of the class room by performing at piano competitions, recitals and concerts."

We welcome new students and will be happy to have you join our wonderful musical community!